first of all, please dont hate on my equip, i got it for amazingly cheap and would like to keep it that way.
I was wondering it i could modify my behringer gmx210 combo amp to run through my behringer 4x12 cab. instead of removing the speaker leads inside the combo and re-routing them to the cab, i though maybe i could use a 600 watt car amp that i already had and putting it between the amp and cab.

maybe i could take the non-powered outputs from the combo amp, plug them into the car amp which i would power with a 120v/12v adapter then plug the cab into that.

If pics or a diagram are necessary to explain better let me know. Also, i know the cheap car amp would reduce sound quality significatly, but some sound coming out of my cab would be nice .
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Sounds like it could work as long as you use the headphone out from the combo into the car amp. But seeing how it's a car amp and shapes frequencies different from a guitar amp, I can't guarantee it'll sound good. Oh and make sure you don't crank it or you can say goodbye to your cab's speakers.
as sunburst pointed out, i'd also risk my cab, i was wondering if anyone know how to limit the output of the power amp from its normal high of 600watts to what the cab can handle, 400watts.
I doubt very much if the car amp is 600W RMS. Manufacturers of this sort of gear use peak ratings or even PMPO which are not the same as most music amps which give RMS figures. If you are going to use a 120W power supply then you can't get more than 100W of amp power anyway.

You'd be better off running the speaker output from the amp to a new jack output on the combo and then connecting the internal speakers to a lead with a jack plug you can then reconnect them by plugging in or unplug and use the 4x12 instead
I thought about that, but it would not help me in my pursuit for more POWER! If i'm really not happy with the tone i get out of it thats what i will revert to. already found a posting to help me with that, but as far as i can tell my idea is original so i will definatly post the outcome.
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this is the first time i have heard anything come out of this cab, and even with the car amp it sounds as it should. could obviously be louder as you were right of course, its 600w peak so even at full blast i hit about 120watts (i tested it). It does plenty well to keep me happy and my parents pissed

NOTE: i would not suggest this to anyone who does not have extensive prior knowledge in electronics as it could easily destroy your system if you dont know what your doing.