I think these guys are pretty good for just starting out and all. They sort of remind me of Sanctity in a way, i don't know why.

I saw them a couple week ago opening for trivium and i thought they were awesome. Blew Whitechapel out of the water, and were on par with Chimera. I'm just now getting around to listening to their CD.

So what do you guys think of them?
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I saw them with Trivium too and I thought they were awful. Really boring, really generic, really douchebaggy. I think their guitarist was kind of decent if I remember correctly.
Yeah, Shaun Glass, the rhythm guitarist, is very good in my opinion. I also saw them open for Trivium and I thought they were pretty good, but Darkest Hour definetly topped them for the opening band title. Whitechapel was alright. Forever the Martyr is a pretty good song.
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