Nearly finished my first build, and then I realised that I'm missing some quite important info.

So I've soldered everything, and there are some things that have nowhere to go.

I'm following this schematic here.


I've got one bit on the circuit board that says ground. I'm assuming this goes to the ground connection on the 6.5mm jack. But this raises a few questions.

Does it matter what jack it goes to? Because I've got input and output and I don't know which one it goes to, or whether or not to wire it to both of them.

Also, do I need to ground the pot like in a guitar?

And I'm wiring a power connection which is just a straight to the power pack I have. I can see the +9v sign on the circuit diagram, but where do I wire the negative terminal?

Help me GB&C, I'm totally lost.
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You should have one main ground connection to your chassis. All the circuit grounds should connect to that point. Your input jacks should also be grounded to that point unless they are grounded to the chassis. The ground from your battery should also be connected to this one point.

All the grounds should be tied to one point.