Hey everybody,

I recently (Under a month ago) purchased a new Guitar. (Jackson RX 10D)
And I was wondering what strings they use.
I asked the store I purchased it at, and they told me they were .10 Fenders.

Were they right, or do they have different ones?

Also, is it hard to change the snares on it, cause it aint exactly like my Previous Epiphone SG.
The strings are probably Fenders because Fender owns Jackson. It will be harder to change them because your Jackson most likely has a Floyd Rose of some kind which make it much tougher to change strings, especially if you've never done it before.


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Its not that hard after you ve learned how to do it. Usually i change every 5-6 weeks on my guitars and they both have floyd roses. Takes me about 15min on each guitar assuming its the same type of strings. If you change to different ones, you need to start adjusting the action and the string tension in the back. I d say change to the strings you really want to keep so you only have to go through this "hassle" once.
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changing strings on a floyd guitar can be frustrating the first time...once you understand the method though it'll go quicker. definitely check out some youtube videos on the process before you start.
I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't Fender strings, because fender steel strings come with D'addario strings as far as i know, but as long as they're the same gauge they should basically be all good.
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