Hey, do Slayer mainly use the G and E pentatonic minor mixed together??

I'm just woundering how to get their kind of sound when soloing...
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i was under the impresion that they just used super fast cromatic scales?

i could be wrong
Kerry King just slaps his schlong on his guitar and amazing solos made of nothing but random noise follow.

Seriously though, I had no idea Slayer's solos were meant to sound structured. I like the band, but at times they sound cacauphonous (SP?).
the parody sounded better then kerry king. and it was lulz worthy
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why would you want that? i love slayer, but the solos are not so good, your better off hitting random notes.
chromatic and pentatonic minor for what I know.

Oh, and lots n lots n lots of whammy bar abuse.
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They solo mainly in pentatonic minor, E aeolian, E phrygian (or technically Eb because I think they usually tune down a half step). They also mix in a lot of chromatics (AKA random notes) that will sort of follow the rhythm guitar or make dissonant sounding noise.

If you're working on thrash rhythm playing Slayer is a good band to study. If you're looking at working on playing leads Slayer isn't such a great band to dissect musically.
Em (technically Ebm due to downtuning, but it's played as if it was Em) with a healthy dose of chromaticism.
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minor with LOTS of chromatics. it's really hard to try to analyze kerry king's solos and try to replicate it because of the insane amount of chromatic notes. trust me, I tried a while back and couldn't make sense of it.