As of late i've listened to a bit of Nile and one thing has jumped out at me... What does he do to get that wicked Egyptian tone. I think i've come to the conclusion of a harmonizer (or 2nd guitar recorded) along with scale choice. Some times i hear a bit of Harmonic minor.

For an example of what i'm talking about, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lc-Y2AJcG_0

listen to the first sliding guitar melody and tell me what you think. And for anyone with an exceptional ear, can you tell me what kind of harmonies and/or scales are used?

Toodles, julz!
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The notes are:

G Cb Bb B F# A G (or thats what I heard)

I would guess the scale to be either G harmonic minor:

G A Bb C D Eb F# G

with, of course, an added B natural in there.

Or you could also write the scale like this:

G A Bb Cb Dbb Ebb Fbb Gb

...and just call it an odd "egyptian" sounding scale...

I don't know much about effects though, sorry...
Quote by chainsawguitar
I don't think so, he's more likely to be thinking in terms of the harmonic minor or diminished scales.

I've not actually listened to the thing yet but if it's Nile it's Phrygian Dominant.
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