I dont know much about pickups,But i'm hoping on getting some new pickups DiMarzio Crunch Lab & Liquifire ( F-Spaced ? )
For my OLP John Petrucci.Any help will be appreciated
First of all...

What amp are you using?
What aspect of your tone are you not happy with?
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I have a Peavey Vypyr amp.

I'm pretty clueless when it comes to this.But i know i want my tone to be as close as John Petrucci if thats possible.From what i've read everyone who owns the guitar have changed the pickups,This is the best guitar i own so i dont really know how bad the pickups are,If i had to say anything bad about them i'd say their quite muddy maybe and too much bass ?( From my knowledge ).So i'm guessing John Petrucci's pickups would be a good upgrade for me.

And i just had to ask first before i purchase something that may not be worth it.
Have you tried toying with your amp settings to clear up the muddy/bassy tone?

On the topic of amps... that's the foundation of tone. No matter what pickups you get, you won't replicate Petrucci's tone through a Peavey Vypyr.
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This isn't really the advice you wanted, so apologies in advance.

Ditch the pickup idea for now, save up about $400 - $600 and find a used Mesa Boogie DC-5.

Changing the pickups will make a slight difference, but that amp will get you about 90% of the way towards JP's tone.

Thank me later.
I've actually thought about getting a Mesa Boogie amp way before thinking about getting new pickups,Not that i can't save up enough money for one i just haven't had any luck on finding one.
Which Vypyr do you have? Maybe try the Tube 60.
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