Just started playing the electric a couple of days ago...

Anything to stop my finger tips feeling like a ****ing over dose of the carpet burns!!

**** ME!!!...the way i am now after 3 days of playing I couldnt pick it back up for another week

Sorry, champ, the only way is to tough it out. Just wait until you'll start practicing barre chords, for most players it's where the fun really starts :E

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to be honest its part of the learning process. your fingers will tend to build up calluses as you progress so theres no avoiding it. its just something you have to deal with. its like the puberty stage of guitar learning.

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Yep, I put my self out of guitar a few times with finger cuts.
I played the freebird slides without a slide as a noob...
all my fingers had tiny cuts.
My friend played a slide on the beast and the harlot track....
after playing for 3 months he cut his finger a beast(lolpun? : <
Now I can abuse my fingertips and it's like I've got 1000 layers of skin
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Try tapping your fingers against a sharp wall, one that is plastered with stones. For me, the pain was not because the top skin was sore, but because the top skin was not tough enough to stop serious pressure hurting deep inside my fingers. In that case, tapping your fingers against a wall will both build callouses and allow your fingers to become accustomed to the idea of severe pressure being exerted on the insides of your fingers.