Heya guys,

I really like the Derek Trucks Band because of more than one reason. The really know how to jam and to improvise. Every song sounds a little bit diffrent on their concerts and besides, they are down to earth and likeable. So it makes me sad that the last time i heard something about them is over a year ago. What they are doing now and what's with derek trucks? Is he still in the band or does he makes a solo career?

They're going to be releasing a live cd sometime next year, but I heard they were taking a break from touring/recording in 2010. I think Derek just been touring with the Allman Brothers and the Derek Trucks Band and they haven't had time to write or record much new material
i saw them live last night. amazing show of course. im pretty sure he'll be touring with the allman brothers next year (much less so than normally, the allman bros are just slowing down in general) and hes going to form a band with his wife. i believe their first gig is officially in april.

also, wakdul, they released a cd called Already Free back in January. i suggest you get it asap if you havent. finally, check out their live shows here: