I have two Boss pedals up for sale/trade.

First is a Boss MT2. It's in very good condition, a bit dusty if anything but I'll clean that up for you. It's a nice pedal, but I've gone off it as I play more modest rock now so no need for rip-your-face-off-distortion.

Second is a Boss CE5. Also very good condition, no dust on this one. Selling this because I could do with the cash and it's surplus to my requirements at the moment.

Both these pedals haven't been gigged, only bedroom played and they are in excellent condition.

Also up for sale is my old Squire Strat. It was my first guitar, so probaly 6 years back or so. It's candy apple red, rosewood neck, etc. A few dings on the back and front, nothing really noticible. Recently taken it apart, every component is in good nick. Like most Squires it isn't the best of guitars but still really nice to play!

Looking for good offers/trades.

Forgot to say..

I'll give you the origional soft case for the Strat.

I don't have the boxes for the pedals, but I do have the manuals (with settings) if you want.