How does this work?? such as in dirercting output audio from your PC?

Let's say I get myself a mixer with a firewire connection, and it's connected to my pc. Lining in my guitar into the mixer would allow my PC to pick up on the guitar signal, but where could I direct tthe output???

I'm only wondering because I have ALOT of problems with my current delta 44 DI box. I know it's not a mixer but >_<
If I were to use the DI Box's input on the PC, the only place I could direct the signal was right back out to the DI Box's output. No where else, not even my PC audio. So yeah I guess the only place I could do is to hook an amp in the DI Box's output (Which is what I'm currently doing with my practice amp).

So I was wondering if these mixers normally have things like drivers that allow for you to direct audio to either PC, or if I could hook up a pair of monitors to the mixer isntead, would that be the absolute best thing to do? I don't hardly ever use my practice amp, and lately I just about use amp modeling software all the time
I guess the biggest thing is trying to manage a way of lining the guitar in and having a Live channel whilst running the amp modeling sofftware, and it seems I can ever get any audio if I'm directing it all through the same device, meaning no way of running it through my PC speakers

Any input? Thanks in advance!
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Plug your speakers in your external soundcard and not oboard card? wouldnt that just work the same? Most interfaces have different outputs, wether its a stereo output to speakers or monitor outputs or both.
Im not exactly sure i follow what you are asking. sounds like you want to run sound/guitar into your computer via whatever and then listen to it with your computer speakers. what you need is something that will either let you use multiple audio drivers or something that lets you route multiple ins and outs. i use Asio4All. its a free driver that allows you to use multiple inputs and outputs. now last time i recomended this someone else said they knew it caused issues with some devices and it doesnt always work. for me, it works great.

so basicly you would run that driver as your sound driver (select it in your recording/whatever program) and then select which inputs are on and which outputs are on. ive used it with a couple different computers (meaning different stock soundcards), a couple different interfaces and a few different programs so its worth a shot.
I think a diagram would help us understand what you want.

btw jof asio4all is amazing for generic soundcards...100% success here as well
yeah I've tried out asio4all as well as the provided delta drivers, yet as soon as I place the input on my computer as the input of the DI box, the only options I get to set the output to is the DI box's output as well - the option for the computer speakeers etc or sound card hardware in my computer doesn't even come up unless i choose tonot use the DI box at all for either input or output.

which was why I was looking into a Mixer for recording, so that I would just line in the guittar into it instead, and then the line outs would feed into two powered monitors. I guess using monitors would be best considering I use amp modeling software instead of a real amp

the only thing I'm trying to decide on is a mixer >_<
i dont see how a mixer is going to help you here.

if the mixer is sending to the computer to use your amp modeling software, you still have to send that signal back to the mixer. at which point you are basicly back where you started, because you are running that into an input, which gets sent through to the output, which comes back to the input...

so what software are you using? ill show you what i am seeing in reaper with asio4all and 2 different inputs. going to assume you can follow me here. basicly start by going into your preferences. click configuration (in red box). get the complex view (red box 2). heres where we actually do stuff. make sure anything you want is highlighted blue, not dark. anything with an X through it is being used by another program, which is the only issue ive ever had. close everything that could possibly be using sound, this inclused your browser if you have youtube or something open. other than that, a nice screenshot of what you get when you pull this up would be helpful.