Hey, um was just wondering on people's opinions for which guitar is better as christnas is coming up and I'd really like a new guitar ! But I am tied between the Gibson SG faded worn cherry and the Epiphone Les Paul Custom Zakk Wylde Bullseye.

I was wondering which is better as I've heard quite a lot of time that low end gibson > high end epiphone and high end epiphone > low end gibson

so was just wondering which was better out of these two as I don;t know much about guitars themselves!

(Price not being an option for either model!)

Depends on what you play. I'd suggest to check around guitar stores and see if you can try out both, as always when choosing a new toy.

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Depends on what you play. I'd suggest to check around guitar stores and see if you can try out both, as always when choosing a new toy.

what he said

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well the gibson sg faded almost have the same pickups as the gibson standard, and the same body wood just not with a glossy finish.

have you even tried the guitars?
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I do know the bullseye is a great guitar (I own a guitar of the same line, great thing), but I haven't tried out the SG. If you get the Bullseye, I'm sure you'll be satisfied.
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I have had The Bullseye and its a damn good guitar for being a lowline Gibby sig, and an EPI (Best Epi I have ever played). Wish I have never sold it. I have never been a fan of SG's, never been able to find one that felt good plus the way it looks is kinda annoying.
Faded feels cheap to me, get the epi.
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I like the faded series a lot, they feel gloriously resonant. I know low end Gibsons get a lot of bad press, but that's usually from people who've just heard horror stories and never actually played them. I've played a bunch of Melody Makers and Faded series guitars and they were 95% lovely. I've played some nasty Epi's though.

Anyways, just try them both and see what you think. I will say though that the Gibson will have better wood and pups. I hate the Hz pups that are in the Wylde model.
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I haven't played either of them unfortunately and am getting it online cos the stores near me are RUBBISH to say the least :P THey don't even sell one gibson sg which is appalling! :P

i am a massive fan of GNR and aerosmith.. so which is the epiphone the right choice?

I'd save a few hundo more and just get a finished studio. Nothing wrong with the worn cherry, it's plenty nice as it is and costs less than the Epi. But I'd rec saving a couple/few hundo more and getting the wine red studio that's $1100.00 at present.

just 2 cents.
Well firstly, the Zakk Wylde LPs are not 'high end Epis'. Yes, high end Epis are better than the low-end Gibsons (and some would argue better than the Standard Gibsons are these days), but the ZW models aren't one of those; the ZW models are just a regular Epi Standard with a different finish and some really, really shitty passive EMG pickups slapped in.

Anyway, buying any Epi or Gibson online reallly isn't advised. The chances are you're going to end up with a poorly made guitar and it can be a right pain in the arse to return them these days since Gibson changed their distribution plan a lot of stores want to just get them out ASAP and won't be keen to accept a return unless there's some actual damage to the instrument that they caused or didn't tell you about (in which case they're legally bound to let you return it). Never, ever, buy any Epi or Gibson without playing it first, and I don't just mean the general model of guitar; I mean play the exact specific guitar you'll be buying. If you can't do that then it's really not worth taking the risk.
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When what is a high end epi :S?

That would be the discontinued Epiphone Elitist series, MIJ.

Those things were awesome.
I have a faded series Gibson Les Paul and it is fantastic. Same pickups as the faded series SG. Great tone.

I know it's hard to imagine now, but look ahead a few years - are you going to sell this guitar to upgrade? If so, the Gibson will always have the better resale value than an Epiphone, so that is another thing to consider.

If not, can you see yourself playing a guitar with a big-ass bullseye on it for the rest of your life? lol.
nah the idea of reselling it doesnt really effect my decision cos tbh not 2 sound arrogant but money isnt areally difficulty for me! :P.. but atm i cant really spend alot on a gibson studio or standard lol !

dunno, i guess ill just have to think about it 4 myself.. but i was just wondering about the general quality of the guitars