Im going to my other guitar player's apartment this weekend to hang out and jam. He has a small recording studio-like setup where we can put headphones on and hear eachother play along with an electric drum set he has for our drummer. He has a line 6 amp that he takes the line out into the recording interface. I have a peavey jsx amp head and i know that it has a line out jack in the back that i could use. but i pretty sure that you needed to have the head connected to a cab or it could cause damage to the amp, but it would be a major pain to bring my 4x12 cab into his small apartment. i do have a small 1x12 monitor at home though, im not sure how many watts it can handle, i think 75, which the jsx is rated at 100 watts.
Would it be safe to us the monitor as a dummy load and just leave the master volume at zero so that i can use the line out to go into his interface.
If the ohms match up then ya that should be fine. That's a really cool idea BTW, though it might look funny if someone walked in:

"You guys LOOK pretty good playing together... Maybe you should try ACTUALLY playing together."
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Unless its electronic drums.

Sure you could, but if it's a direct out, doesn't it have a dummy load on itself?
My hughes and kettner tube 50 has a direct out + dummy load and it's a cheap ass german amp, so I'm expecting the peavey to have one
yeah, thats what i was leaning forward. i just wanted to make sure i wasnt overlooking something important.
haha,usually we play at my house where we can crank it as loud as we want, but he lives in an apartment in the city so we have to be quiet. plus also we can record any cool jam moments we come up with on his computer.