Anyone could recommend any nice and popular pop/rock/indie songs which are easy and good for beginners to start learning? Probably a song that consists of only 2 to 3 chords? Something easy and interesting to start from.

If you are a Friends fan, the song "Smelly Cat" is pretty easy. Uses 3 chords and they are the 3 easiest ones.
Last Kiss (dunno who it's by originally but Pearl Jam cover it)
Times Like These, by Foo Fighters, the acoustic version I think was one of the first songs I learned.
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knocking on hevens door, 3 cords. g, am, c.

Isn't it G,D,C?

but yeah, good tune.
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Isn't it G,D,C?

but yeah, good tune.

Ive always played it

G D A7

When they kick at your front door
how are you gonna come
with your hands on your head
or on the trigger of your gun