I'm looking at some boost pedals, just to give a bit extra push without the colour that my SD1 and TS9DX provide, mainly for use with my Strat and perhaps as a solo boost. Amp is a Bugera 333XL, and the pedals I know of are the MXR Micro Amp, Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster, and the EHX LPB/Nano-LPB. I can get the EHX Nano-LPB for about $60AUD, and I'm leaning towards that one... ideas/criticisms/advice?
I have the Seymour Duncan pickup booster and it does a nice job. I haven't tried any of the others though so I can't offer perspective.
The lpb-1 should do this nicely, when I tried it, it gave a little extra distortion if you turned it up all the way, but at about 1 o' clock it gave a nice clean boost, just extra volume.
You could simply role back the TS9's gain to zero and use it as a volume booster alone. Granted, with the EQ board adding extra tone, it will colour your amp slightly, but I'm sure you can compensate for that by altering both the pedal and the amp until you find a tone you are happy with.
I currently have my TS9's gain set to zero and am using it in that fashion, I use it mainly as a solo boost, I want a clean boost to add a bit extra power to my Strat pickups, while still having my TS9/SD1 free for a solo boost.
I've tried the SD Pickup booster and seems so clear that I can almost hear it...... only works with low gain settings.
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i have an mxr micro amp, it's transparent... when it's on, you can't tell it's there
i didn't try the lpb-1 but it was the one i was going for. however, they didn't have it in stock so i went with MXR, knowing that anyways they have awesome stuff
i don't regret spending an extra few bucks for it =)
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For a clean boost, nothing beats a Xotic AC Booster. Superb quality and complete transparency.
Hmm... lots of options The LPB-1 is the most easily available, I checked youtube demos but it's kinda hard to judge considering the nature of pedal. As long as it's reliable, I'll probably end up with the LPB1.
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For a clean boost, nothing beats a Xotic AC Booster. Superb quality and complete transparency.

ill plus one this. except the complete transparency part. its is pretty transparent though.
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