we're looking for a singer. we just started and are looking for a guy who can write lyrics, and sing. we're influenced by megadeth, early metallica, slayer, three days grace, pantera, black sabbath, and the naked yard gnomes. we are in the rossville area. we're trying to keep it local.
dude, i know your going to be like **** off but this site is pretty damn cool.. all you do is click advertisements and money goes to your pay pal account.

its not that much money, but its not like your doing anything anyways :P

thought yous might be interested aha, if not just ignor it

what kind of singer are u looking for? like metallicas kinda vox or slayer harsh vox
a couple of my friends are singers

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well i don't really know. we haven't discussed it too much. but somewhere in between both of those. if you sound more like metallica or more like slayer we won't complain. we just need a singer. none of us can really sing.