Hi Ultimate - Guitar people!

looking into buying a gibson 335, well maybe a copy?

are there many ''budget'' copies about?

I can't really find any, oh and im based in the UK..

There are hundreds of copies!

What's your "budget"? they're more expensive that strats, can you stretch to £300
is it a first guitar?
what amp would you run through?

EDIT: initial thoughts
epiphone dot
ibanez artcore
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well i have a custom 72' tele already, just the 335 is the ideal guitar..
im only running some fender lump at the moment, but may upgrade after xmas...

budget for the guitar would be around £300 tops!

it will be used for mainly indie/alt
Ibanez AS73
Vintage AV3

I would rather have the vintage though.
Call me Cahum.

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