Hey, we need a bass player. Two of us live near Greenvile, the other in Columbus.
We all have jobs or go to college so usually we just do stuff during the weekends.
We are changing our sound so we are open to any musical suggestions, we like bands like At the Drive in, Incubus, radioheard, red hot chilli peppers, the Mars volta, ect.
You can listen to our myspace to see what we have came up with in the past.
We would prefer someone out of highschool who can travel a little and play places that are 18-21 up if needed. a few years experience and gigable equipment is probably a must. Also being creative and like having fun but a hard worker is good.
just send me an email if you are intersted. kornflakec@aol.com

Thank you!
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thought yous might be interested aha, if not just ignor it

Hey man,

I'm going to be moving to the Piqua, Troy, Dayton are sometime this summer. I'm going to want to find another band to be in. Are you still in need of a bassist?