just received my new carvin st300! This thing has great fret access. It's easy to get to the 24th fret - and I'm a SG player! Plays great and you can get plenty of sounds out of it

The pictures don't do it justice. It's a blueburst, but it's hard to see with my camera.

mahogany body
birdseye maple fretboard, abalone dot inlays
Stainless Steel jumbo frets
Active electronics (toggle) with coil tapping and phasing

I love that neck, can you do a pic of the back of the neck and body
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very sexy indeed. what do all of those switches do though?

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SPBY - the top two silver switches are coil tap for the individual pickups. The bottom silver one is phasing

In passive mode (volume knob pulled out), it only uses the top two knobs for volume and tone, although the tapping and phasing still work.
In active mode, the bottom knobs act as Treble and Bass EQ, which is very cool.
New Carvins are always yummy.

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