i hate request stuff...

i requested a song that doesn't exist in tabs

Swingin' utters - No eager men

but now it stands on few page further because of some dickheads that want tabs of: Metallica (there are ****ing thousand tabs of that! don't have enough BITCHES!? ) and rock star by nickelback (that song is also tabbed a thousand time)

i hope you also hate the request option
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Should point out that Doctor Rock has a point, by the way - we do have some of the biggest nutters (usually in a funny way) in the country.

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People that request songs that simple should just tab it out for themselves instead of clogging the system.
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oh god, someone call the WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMbulance

man up, buck up.

And learn to tab it out yourself
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I'll have to report this, because there's a few obvious ways of sorting this problem out yourself.

Sorry, but you won't be the only one with this problem. Try your hardest to tab it yourself.