Okay so this is a new song.. Umm it has lyrics but I can't be bothered to post them lol, Please tell me what you think of it and if it needs any editing. Thanks.

Hope you enjoy it
At A Glance.zip
To be honest. I thought it was a great. Im not one of the conceited asshole on this forum like most people are who crit.
I thought the intro was great its pretty much an acoustic song because 70% of is. It was a little repetitive but after the solo it transitioned very well.
The drum track fit perfectly added a lot of groove and sync to the song.
The solos was great it was catchy and melodic And fit the song well also the way you transitioned into the solo was good
overall the song was very good, I personally love acoustic songs and i like this one/
the song would fit great on a cd as like the instrumental I can't really see it have a any vocals. It just sound like it should be an instrumental.
I actually has Lyrics, I can send them, these aren't Definate, but i could make it an instrumental too Thanks:

1st verse

First time
i looked at you
Ive heard the lies
i saw straight on through
Pierced the rumours and deception
i really really like you
no such thing as exceptions
People can judge
so easily
and hold a grudge
while almost nearly
forgetting who you are
because you dont drive expensive cars
sorry my fashions not in the scene
so you aint gonna speak to me?


Just like that
at a glance
no second chance

so far away
we have no face
Were just fading away

2nd verse

Whats wrong?
you blaming me?
why have i got
the responsibility
when you and her and him
do it every single day
for you being shallow is like a heartbeat
a ryhthmic pattern played
everytime you meet
someone old someone new it doesnt matter
we are all to be blamed the truth is getting shattered


Just like that
at a glance
no second chance

so far away
we have no face
Were just fading away


Ok. I think drum start is a bit pointless, but 10-17 were awesome bars. Nice melodies. Bass line was pretty good, but 35-36 and 40 were totally pointless.
Also with drums wtf is idea on 50-53? You're doing the same as attack attack? Don't..

Damn I loved chorus!

Didn't really like 90-97. Pretty decent. Instead of 1/4 bass drum you could use 2/4 closed hi-hat ?

Very professionally made guitar solo! I adore your skills writing solo! Write it longer, It was ****ing awesome! 10+/10! Great work!

Don't do drums like in 133, doesn't fit the song after all.

Ok. I think that drums sucked hard, nothing memoreable in them. You had awesome solo, really awesome solo. Bass lines were ok. But because of drums song will have decreased rank.

Feel free to crit any of my songs.