Alright, so today while i was practicing my amp of 4 years, a Crate RFX200s , started developing a nasty problem. The gain would jump up unexpectedly and produce a hissing sort of feedback, and then go back to normal, then after a little while the signal would dim, and eventually drop out completely. At first i suspected to be a connector issue so i tried all of my guitars, and cleaned the connectors in the guitars and amps but the problem persisted, i also switched through all my cables. same issue.

Eventually i noticed that when the signal would warp, the channel indicator LEDs would also brighten or dim along with what ever was going on (across all three channels, not just lead like i originally suspected.

Having figured this out, i presume that it's either an issue with the amps built in power inverter, or capacitor, which from what i've heard about solid states is A) like a terminal cancer for the amplifier and B) too costly to bother with replacing/repairing.

So my real question is, is what i've heard true? is it really too much hassle and money to fix this amp? should i pursue getting a repair done or should i just replace it? or is there possibly another issue that i'm just not aware of that's more easily remedied?

(Also: yes i tested it in different outlets, same issue so either the amp's having issues, or my whole house needs rewired)

This is all presuming that it is in fact out of warranty (I *believe* i have a 5 year warranty on the amp, under which this should be covered but i'm not positive, and i need to locate the receipt and such in my files)

Anyway, if it's out of warranty, What's the general feeling on what the problem is? Inverter/capacitor or something else, and should i bother trying to repair it?