I'll make this quick since I'm headed to work but I wound up trading my oldschool Kent electric for a couple new items. The Kent was a good guitar but I never really fell in love with it's (super) short 23.75" scale.

The new acquisitions:

TS9 Tube Screamer

Oh yeah! 1987 Yamaha DSR-1000. You can hear it in the chorus of "DCFC" in my profile. Pretty tweakable synth/keyboard. Super happy overall. Thanks for looking!
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Nice pics brah

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an '87?
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er, good pedals. Frakking awesome pics!

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hngd, your camera's pretty sweet too
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What did you shoot that with, an LC-A or something?
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Nice pix man.

Oh yeah... nice gear too
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Thanks for all the pic props and the occasional gear kudos, haha. The pictures were shot with a Nikon D40, 18-55mm kit lens and a wirelessly triggered SB-600 flash. The LC-A effect is courtesy of some fancy editing
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an '87?

Yeah, apparently so. Through some research, pre-trade, I discovered the DSR-1000 was the second to best model Yamaha offered throughout '87 only. It originally retailed for $1,500
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I really like the effects you used for your pictures. Very kewl- do you use a certain editing software? I have the TS9DX- the ting is ripp'n it's such a great pedal. Congrats on your new additions!

Thanks! It's a pretty drawn out process I use in Photoshop CS2. And I agree about the TS9, very happy with it.
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