Ok hey everyone. I know im new and u prib have heard this question tons of times but i need help. I am looking at four combo amps.

1. Peavey vypyr 30
2. Ibanez mimx 30
3. Vox valvetronix 30
4. Line 6 spider IV 30

Any one have an opinion about these? I have had a little experience playin with the vypyr. But i would like help. I appreciate any and all help. Thanks all!
I personally own the Valvetronix and think it's an excellent amp for beginner musicians and advanced guitarists who want to mess with a few effects without breaking the bank.

The Peavey Classic 30 is voiced like the UK 80's amp simulator of the Vox. Though, because it's pure valve tone it totally wupps the Vox.

The new Line 6 Spider IV is, as I have heard, no better than it's predecessor. I'd suggest you avoid that amp.

I haven't played - or heard of - the Ibanez.

What styles of music do you play? What is your budget? Are you gigging?
Of those 4, the Vox is the best in general. Though your budget and styles would be greatly appreciated. Also, have you checked Craigslist? You can find some insane deals there from time to time.

Also, welcome to UG.
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Well i generally play anything from 50's elvis and beatles to acdc and a little metal. So i guess you could say generally everything and some country too. I dont gig but if i ever did, it wouldnt he a large venue at all. Just like a small club/bar. Budget is about as much as the vox vt30. My only hing about that is it doesnt have a a wah.
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If I were you I'd head to my local Guitar Center and try out the Vox VT30 and a Fender Super Champ XD. If you need something cheaper and less loud, the Vibro Champ XD is also good.
Lol well i would go to my local guitar shop, but they only supply peagey and only take orders for fender amps, none in stock. Closest store that could go to that has decent amount of equipment is about an hour and a half away. Also i dont care id its loud. I am just looking at good quality at a good price with some various amps models and effects.
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I've never tried using the Peavey Classic for country-pop-swing. I don't really know how well it would cope. I always imagined a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe or something similar would be the most appropriate for that.

In my opinion, the Peavey Classic is perfect for AC/DC, but maybe not quite so much for country. It's certainly more befitting than any of the others you listed.
I dont know if this helps but i play an epi lp studio. Its not the best i know but i just only started playing last xmas when i got the guitar.