Thought it would be nice to know what N_D's we may be looking at soon.

Personally, i'm going for a load of guitar mods. Here's mine:

-Grover 106BC Rotomatic Locking Tuners

-Iron Gear Hot Slag Bridge (Zebra)

-Iron Gear Rolling Mill Neck (Black Cover)

-Schaller Strap Locks

How about you guys?
Money, for a car
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I really want a guitar with P90s...theres a gold top Agile that looks amazing for the cash...

or one of those handheld mini recorders...would be great for my late night, alcohol induced writing methods

EDIT: although the second option may only yield evidence that some of my ideas aren't as good as I think they are (like the handful of peter episode of family guy )
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Soldering stuff e.g. Iron, Solder, etc.
A few albums - Pink Floyd, Rory Gallagher, Shadows
Money towards a delay pedal
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Sums up whisky perfectly

id rather buy things second hand and get twice as much. especially with pedals, which is really all i want atm.
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A Swamp Ash RG Body w/ a Ziricote Top
A Custom Ibby style Neck
Seymour Duncan Blackouts
Strings, input jacks, Strap locks, pots, switches
Earvana or Graphtech nut
Planet wave Auto Trim tuners
Hipshot Contour HardTail bridge
Kanji Decals

and a Korg Pitch black
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I'll be having a NTATUD, as well as a NBD. New Tires and Tune Up Day and New Books Day (for college). That about covers everything, and if someone gives me a little money, I'll probably pick up a DS-1 and keeley mod it.
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