We've recently purchased Pro Tools as well as upgraded our interface to try to achieve a better sound. We're definitely experiencing a learning curve with all of the options and possibilties that Pro Tools offers. There are a number of tricks i have tried in terms of the guitar sound including impulses, amp modeling software...etc. I was hoping i could get the opinions of some of you mixing masters out there and see what criticism you may have for our mix. Obviously Im looking for tips on how to improve it so feel free to pick it apart.

All responses are much appreciated!


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It's very good, no complaints really. The rhythm tone is a little bassy though, but I guess you were aiming for that.
Thanks mighty warrior....I was going for a thick tone....but not necessarily a boomy low rhythm. So thanks for pointing that out.

CatharsisStudio....haha...I did try and mix it..but perhaps I shouldn't admit to that . I'll definitely take those crits and see what I can pull off with the mix! That was jsut the kind of criticism I was looking for...so thanks for taking the time to listen and reply! Ironically I jsut recently got into Scar Symmetry within the past year-2 years....but I wrote this song well before I listened to them!...so that's cool if it sounds like something they wrote...hope it doesn't sound like a rip off though!! Which song were you referring to? Or did you just mean sounds like something they would write?

you gusy have anything I could check out for you???
wow...I can't argue in any way because i totally see the similarities with that song. Definitely coincidental I assure....but sucks to sound like a ripoff nonetheless.

Yeah man I'll definitely apply your tips....I'm sure that will help shape the mix up.

Don't mind my ignorance but what are you referring to by stems??

Thanks nynejoe! Appreciate you listening....still a ways to go on the mix...but glad you enjoyed the progress thus far!
Well i appreciate it man...and definitely appreciate your feedback. This particular mix is actually amplitude metal modeled after a 5150 (in flames-esque). I had tried a few different versions using recabinet impulses....primarily an SM57mic/Ghandi-amp combo as well as a U87mic/Ghandi combo. Really I've just started experimenting in the world of impulses and its pretty overwhelming looking at all of the options and configurations....definitely something that will take time experimenting with to get the best sound. But yeah....this particular mix was solely through amplitude metal and some post EQ.

Thanks again.
Yeah my initial impression of amplitude was kinda blah.....but I really jsut started tweaking the shit out of it......definitely doesn't sound too bad in the end. Not the best....but decent. I still want to hear some of these other plugins and such
Have you tried G-rig 4? By native instruments. I like the visual representation aspect of that software. It lilke virtually building a rig...But i havent used it much, sounded a lil flaky...As momst do without tweaking. Might get back more into it tho now I heard that.
yeah I had the demo of Guitar Rig 4....it was the first amp modeling software I used which probably made me biased against it cause I REALLY didn't know what I was doing. So it really sounded terrible. That and I only had like 3 minutes to work without before it dropped out. But perhaps I'll experiment a little more with it and see if its worth getting or not. Afterall I have heard decent reviews on it.
Sick dude...The drums set in the "scene" better now...And I F!@#%ing love that guitar tone...Something about it...Im gonna get amplitute again just cuz of that lol
Thanks so much man!! Glad the mix is progressing for the better haha. Yeah i'd definitely recommend it...it's real easy to use at least. Let me know if you ever get some mixes up...i'd be glad to check them out!
the stuff on my profile is raw ableton tracks...layed out guitar and drums...nothing more than main level mixing..and some midi tweaking....Ive been recording drum samples latly, and creating midi drum racks...trying to find a special soemting that has been missing.......

No mixes with PT uploaded yet...Its been a while Ive done a full song...But maybe this weekend I'll get crack-a-lackin....Youve given me a enthusiasm eheheh
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You'd best be getting cracka-lacking. Funny you say that because that is some retarded term that I would use. The inspiration bug is spreading, I need to go home and do more recording now...
I am stuck at work...in a blinding snow storm ahahhaha Not much to do but respond on UG and watch cars slip and get stuck all over from my office window...Wish I was home to record :P
Im gonna fire up PT and start mastering one of my new orginals tonight.
Quote by nynejoe
I am stuck at work...in a blinding snow storm ahahhaha Not much to do but respond on UG and watch cars slip and get stuck all over from my office window...Wish I was home to record :P
Im gonna fire up PT and start mastering one of my new orginals tonight.

man I'm right there with yah stuck at work when all i want to do is record and mix some music.....torture.

Snow storms headed my way!
to clarify so that this comment im gonna make doesnt seem like i/we have amnesia or something... The Neologist is 2 people...so we both log on and post replies

so im replying to the other neologist and the guy before him...

just puttin my 2 cents in, im also stuck at work in the same over-crowded boat as you 2. where are you located watching the storm? somewhere midwest?

sorry i forget your name..too lazy to hit back and see your name then retype this
Im from quebec..Montreal...out east...but it calling for snow coast to coast in canada. Our first snow fall all year...but it keeps pouding ahahha
I have to drive my lil saturn car through all this going home LOL
WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol