What's up my brosephs?

Unfortunately I've cut my finger deep enough to go through tendon and keep me off guitar for three months, so I want to sell a guitar now, and I can buy a new one when I can play again (really fancy a guitar with a flloyd).

Schecter C1 Blackjack with Schecter hard case:

Some Specs:

                      Guitar is in excellent condition, though has the odd mark here and there (never gigged, or left my room for that matter). Nothing noticeable, if you want more pictures I can take some.
                      The case alone was over £100, and the guitar was £500 new. After sensible offers please!

                      LTD ESP EX-400 BD

                      Would really prefer not to se sell this, but listing in case I don't get any decent offers on the Schecter. The EX400BD has seen more use, and has the standard knocks on the corners, like most used 'pointy' guitars. Has a Ritter soft case to go with it, RRP was over £700, pretty sure it was over £750 too (either way, I think these are pretty rare now). Again, I'm asking for sensible offers.

                      I've sold a guitar on ebay before, so I know how to package a guitar and get it sent safely (got lots of feedback on ebay I'm happy to send before anyone parts with cash). Any questions please feel free to ask!
                      Oh my yes