So, another piece of mine, hope you'll like it. Einstürzende Neubauten inspired, although doesn't sound much like them.

C4C of course.
Wow, beautiful. From your other song I could tell you had a thing for the extremely soft and ambient, but I wasn't 100% convinced by the "industrial rock" side of it... but this is something else. Pretty simple in construction, relies on a great chord progression, slick basslines, smooth vibraphones... well, everything about this is smooth. Not an easy task to accomplish. Length is just right too, stops before it would get too long, never got boring despite the ambience feel.

My only small complaint is that this might have had room for a more proeminent solo, nothing too shreddy, just a standout part for the excitement :P

But yeah, really really good. I look forward to more developments in this style

(if you wanna c4c, there's still [entre parêntesis] in my sig... generated some controversy when I first posted it, and would be nice to have it back in the front page).