Been reading for a few days, and a member for awhile, but I've never posted before.
I have a small predicament I'm in. I have a 2004 Les Paul Special (so special they don't make it anymore) and I know that there is something wrong with the neck pick-up... when I try to switch to it, it wont come on... the sound goes dead. Should I be looking to see if my switch is broken, the pick-up is broken, or both? Does my guitar just suck so bad I shouldn't even care? Should I just completely overhaul the electronics? I love this guitar... I've played countless shows with it, but I've never worried about fixing it until now...I bought it when I was fourteen, and just wanted a name brand guitar... i got it for $700 new... so it's almost 6 years old.
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check your connections.
The switch may have gone bad, but it's unlikely.

It's not the pickup.
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sorry, i've never repaired a guitar... do you mean the wired connections between the pickup and the switch? or what?
My goodies:
2009 Taylor 210e
2004 Les Paul Special
Peavey Valve King Half Stack
No haha, I love this guitar. I've played it for years, countless shows... I just don't know if it's worth upgrading or what...
My goodies:
2009 Taylor 210e
2004 Les Paul Special
Peavey Valve King Half Stack
it wont be the pickup, it could be either of the pots for that pup though.
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I could be the 3 way switch, dirty or bad pot, broken solder joint, etc.

If you aren't comfortable fixing it yourself, take it in. You'll be back in business in no time.

FYI: My money is on the switch.
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