This is being sold second hand by a guy, and he bought it from somebody else. They have no idea where this guitar came from.

This is what he said to me...

'The guitar itself is a total mystery. I´ve sent e-mails to,Jackson,Kramer,Charvel,Ibanez,Fender and a little known guitar company called Chandler and been asking if anyone have seen or heard of this type of a guitar,Channel.....no one knows this type.I thought it might be some kind of a replica but it seems not.
I find the body to be kinda inspired to some of the Ibanez guitars,but the neck is to fat to be a Ibanez replica,or Jackson,Charvel,Kramer etc....
The neck is kinda like somewere between Gibson and Fenders neck....although the fingerboard is very flat.But very nice to play.'

He also said that it is regarded as being extremely well made as he's had some work done on it (pickups etc).

Any clues?

That always seemed a likely explanation, just wanted to check this out. Perhaps somebody has seen something similar somewhere.
Looks really nice, go play it.
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Looks really nice, go play it.

this guys got the right idea
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I'm seriously considering it. I'm in Iceland and its located on an island just off the mainland which is a bit of a pain in the ass to get to but it seems worth it. The guy also sent me a demo of him playing it and the thing roars.
The decal on the headstock looks very familiar to the type of thing you can pick up on eBay for less than a fiver... so Id bank on it being a project/luthier made instrument.
No idea what it is
But it looks great
I say go try it out and see what its like
I dunno, to me it looks cheap but hey give it a shot never know I guess. I just wouldn't pay too much for it. By the way, the guy has the locking nut pads on the wrong way

About the neck, it looks like an R5. Kramer did produce some R5 necks back in the day but this is definitely not a Kramer.
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Probably a cheap chinese copy.

'Channel' ... 'Charvel', anybody?

I would steer clear, especially seeing as it's a no-name company with some kind of FR bridge. I wouldn't be too trusting of that, to begin with, let alone the rest of it.
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By the way, the guy has the locking nut pads on the wrong way

good catch! i didn't notice that the first time. anyway, as a few others have said, it looks kind of cool. definitely looks like an ibanez S style body rip-off, and i wouldn't pay very much at all. but who knows? it's not just the big brand name guitars that play well. there are some no-name guitars out there that play as well or better than the big ones. you might be one of the lucky people to find one. it's worth checking out for the right price.
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Thanks guys, I'll probably steer clear just to be safe. The guy wants a fair sum for it, not least because he's had work done on it (cool rail, hot rail and invader pickups + tremolo).

It looks very similar to the Carvel Model 4 and the whole 'channel' thing, dunno it just doesn't seem right. Could be that the guy is selling in this in good faith and with good hardware but is unaware the body/neck is some kind of rip off.