Please listen to the first 3 tracks on my profile.
1. The Colors Of Gray
2. Butterfly Grenades
3. For Far Too Long

(I always record my vocals right when I wake up so if they sound that bad, don't shun me. >.<

Thanks. :]
okay. i listend to 4 min of colors of grey. and i liked it, although i thought it could have used vocals. its 8 min long. whitch is way too long unless you have a dave matthews jam band thing going. i like the rythem and the playing but it needs to be trimmed and vocals added. maybe there was in the last 4 min of the song i dont know. not realy much to impove on. it is what it is and i dig it. i realy liked that picture. reminded me of a place i used to go while growing up. thanks for posting.

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colors of gray was great, but i agree, either add vocal or shorten it, when the chords come in. i like the guitar around 3:25, really starts to change the mood of the song. at about 5:00, the switch back into the picking is somewhat messy, or kind of abrupt, but then it continues great. chords come back in great. i really like this song, but is really does need to be shortened. i don't mind it being this long, but most people will not listen to a song that long, like chasepalmer, who only listened to 4 minutes, which sucks, cuz you have some really good stuff in there.
for butterfly grenades, the guitar sounds like it could have been a continuation to colors of gray, not much difference, and the singing was alright. could be abit louder. and the two voices get abit annoying at times, and i like the song name. its still alright though
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