over the weekend I bought a Dimarzio D Activator Bridge pickup

I had to restring my guitar so I figured I would try to install the pickup

When I took the old pickup out I noticed it had 3 wires: Red, White, and Silver (bare/no rubber coating), then, I noticed the Dimarzio had 5: Red, White, Black, Green, and Silver. I put the red wire where the old one was previously and did the same for the other two, then i just left the extra two wires alone.

I restrung my guitar and plugged into my amp and the oddest thing happened.

When I'm on my dirty channel and switch to just the D Activator, there is no distortion heard, but a clean tone. when I use both my bridge and neck it gives me both a clean and dirty sound at the same time, and when I use just the neck it sounds like a normally distorted channel.

Is there something I did wrong with the wiring or something? or am I supposed to put the green and black wires on to something? Any help would be appreciated cause I'm broke until next friday so I can't get it professionally done and I don't know if I'll be able to afford it even when I do get paid. : /

Guitar Model: Ibanez RG 320 QS
Pickup Model: Dimarzio D Activator Bridge

Thanks in advance
Can you record a clip of that? I'm kinda curious as to how it sounds with the clean/dirty sound.
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i have no clue......

your welcome

Wow cause that actually helped. tsk tsk

well anyway first of a when switching pickups NEVER follow the wiring set up of the previous pickup because each company uses different companies for different things.

What your describing is that the pickup isnt 100% hooked up correctly. you need to unsolder it, look up the wiring diagram for the D Activator then re wire it accordingly.
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Well, first off the wire you are referring to as "silver" I would guess you mean that's the ground wire, and as such should be soldered to the back of a pot.

This should be a suitable diagram for you to follow to sort it out, assuming your RG 320 is the same spec as every other 320 ive ever seen (H/H, 3 way switch, center coil split, 1 tone, 1 vol pot).

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i have no clue......

your welcome

moron, don`t post then.....

have you looked at the wiring diagrams on the dimarzio site http://www.dimarzio.com/site/#/pickups/

the site uses frames, click on humbuckers, high power, then your pickup, then installation, select your guitars configuration for the right wiring diagram......

EDIT:- you probably want this one...... http://www.dimarzio.com//media/diagrams/C.pdf
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Can you record a clip of that? I'm kinda curious as to how it sounds with the clean/dirty sound.

It sounds pretty cool, I'm not gonna lie, if I had unlimited funds for instruments i would probably just keep it like this cause it is a pretty cool effect. But I don't. : /
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i have no clue......

your welcome

You give Megadeth a bad name.

anyways, I looked at all the diagrams on Dimarzios website and none of the pickup selectors match mine, all the ones on the diagrams have multiple rows and mine only has one...

This one looks to be the closest based on layout and where I have already placed 3 wires, but I still don't know if its right since it has two rows where mine has only one.


Sorry if I'm asking stupid questions but this is the first time I've had to do electronic work on a guitar. : /