i have a not too expensive little 30ish (?) Watt fender champion 200(?) combo amp or something and it's not great but has worked for a while for me.

a few months ago it started lightly distorting everything i played and sounded like a speaker rip does. I unscrewed everything and took the speaker out and hooked it up to my dad's stereo system and it sounded perfect. So i'm assuming it's an electrical problem somewhere. But then it went away for a few months, and now just came back again about a month ago and i can't get it to go away again.

any ideas on what this problem could be and if i could fix it or should i just get a new amp cause i've been looking for one anyways.
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not sure

what do you mean started to distort, I take it that means it was bad thing?

what is the tube situation?

how old is it?

could be a bad component?

how badly do you want a new amp?

budget? genres? new or used? closest city? current gear? home or gig?