I'm looking for a distortion pedal that sounds like the Boss DS-1.
I don't want an overdrive or metal pedal.
I'll buy it used.
Budget: no much than 75$ (I'm buying it used)
Electro Harmonix Big Muff: $60 new
MXR Classic Distortion: $40 new

The Big Muff will get a bit heavier than the MXR, so it's up to the style of music you want to play.
Sounds like a Boss DS-1? I just bought a used/new condition DS-1 from Guitar Center for $15 and that included a new $4 Duracell..
Yeah, surely if you want a pedal that sounds like a Boss DS-1... Just get a Boss DS-1?

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Yeah, that or you might be able to get a used Keeley modded DS-1.

EDIT: Do what the guy above did and get one at GC for like $15, and then for $75 send it in to Keeley.
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