I'm getting too old for this

She dances all around him
flashing her teeth, showing off her smile
bringing all her good moods to the surface
just to rub it in
teasing him with chances that he'll never have
and he just lays on his couch
crying away the nights
waiting for his happy day
just one happy day
He says to himself,
you're completely worthless
just stand up and give up
there's nowhere to go now that you've given your dreams up
you're just the boy outside in the rain
holding roses that she'll never take

No, you'll never really make her smile
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I also really like it. Nice. I'd prefer if you called it "I'm getting too old for this", cause we all know the feeling
The times are changing
Damn. Very straightforward and clear. I also really liked the picture that formed in my head while reading the last three lines. Very moving. I really liked this piece. Very easy for me to relate to. Didn't really like the title, though. Nothing personal. I'd prefer what narners said.
me likey.

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