Wasnt sure where to post this. I picked up one of these bad boys at a garage sale for $30, but I cant get any output from it in Logic Studio. Ive got the mic hooked up to a UX1 thats plugged into my comp. The mic works with my PA system, just not in my computer. I just have the mic and I was wondering if anyone knew if these things ran off power supplies or not. If not, what am I doing wrong?
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Have you turned the phantom power on? Condenser Mics require +48v to run. Also 30 dollars is very very cheap haha, its a nice mic it's just got a bit of a harshness in the upper mids to my ears.

EDIT: I'm not even sure the UX1 has phantom power, might be time for a new interface...

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Oh man, I didnt even think of that. You're probably right, thanks
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