I was recently at a music store and I saw an Ibanez Ergodyne. As soon as I got home, I googled it to see if I could find any reviews. However, I could only find the 4-string version. Does anyone have any experience with the 5-string?
Although this is a direct contradiction to what you asked, I have experience of the 4-string, owning one myself.

Assuming it's still applicable to the 5-string, i can say that it's a decent bass, and has some decent tones coming out of it and it plays pretty nice, but mine (and probably not anybody elses as i may have just had bad luck) was really rattley when played, mainly the E string, but all of them really, and no amount of action heightening could help. So i've kind of become a bit adverse to the range.

But apart from thatit's quite a good bass, assuming you got a better working one
^ as with all used instruments, it depends on what condition its in. Personally, I would, but thats coming out of the fact that the only Ergodyne 5-er I've ever laid my hands on is $450 used at Guitar Center (and I'm GASing hardcore for one right now). Troll ebay, I've seen them floating around for anything between $300 and $500.
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Ive played the EDA905 in a sam ash about a month ago, attracted to it just cause it was a bright orange, crazy looking body shape, and was strung with flats.

Real comfortable and a nice neck like the rest of the ibanez line. But i didnt hit it off with its looks or that i had a feeling that a single neck position pickup was a good idea in the long run for someone who would rely on it entirely for the tones that are wanted.

Maybe i'd give $400 for one, but id really have to like it next time.
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