Just wrote this song today, was expermienting with different sounds, and thought I would try the gritty sound again, but this time I added a small amout of reverb to my guitars. Also, I tried a more grovey playing style, got into the beat more. My lead still sucks, but I would hope its getting better with every try. Theres a few mistakes so feel free to point them out if you want.


Leave me a linky and I'll crit yours.
cool man.i like the simple rythem. phat tone. good stuff man. i like the lead/melody lines. most songs like this i think need vocals but this stands by itself. a couple mistakes here and there but nothing noticible for the most part. i realy liked this man. not much else to say. cool tune.

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I'm not a fan of the guitar tone but I like the effect it creates.

The lead stuff was great, it gave enough variation to the song to keep it fresh without the need for vocals.

One downside was a few significant timing slips which ruined the groove a little. But it's still a great song. Tighten the rhythm, maybe add some harmonized sections or something and you've got a great track.

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Drums are kind of minimalist, which may be the effect you were going for. The rhythm can get a little boring at times due to simplicity of rhythm and drums, although both get better as the song evolves and builds up. The guitar leads are pretty good, and help drive the song forward and prevent it from being monotonous. Overall, it has a pretty good groove to it, but it may be longer than it needs to be.

On the one hand, if you were going for an ISIS kinda hypnotic vibe, you'd need to lose the solos and make the drums more interesting, but if you are going for a straight groove jam, varying the rhythms (guitar and drums) more at the beginning would be a good idea, I think.
Thanks for the crit. It's a solid tune and if there was a vocal track on this, i think it would really bring this song to life. The tone is not the greatest but sounds ok, the leads are pretty cool. With a bit of tightening up and a good vocal melody this would be a sweet song. Good work.
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