Ok, joined a cover band recently awesome we click well and play good together the only thing is they were already established and I have to catch up with them, here's some of the songs we have to play
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Scotty doesnt know
that's pretty much it 2 songs they did learn for me was Island in the sun, and about a girl which is good but I hope we dont fall into generic 90's one hit wonder's
cover bands need to focus on what songs are popular and that people want to hear, not what you think is "good"
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What you like is obviously better than what they like. Prove it to them.
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I wouldn't waste time on a cover band, honestly.

I mean, just for fun/practice then yeah but don't devote all of your time to it.
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write your own music. its the only way.
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also, show them the music you like and take turns picking songs or something idk
dude, wtf?
Yep yep and yep.
Just be glad to get some band experience, even if the songs are pants and piss-easy.
If not, just look elsewhere.
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what my band did was each person in the band picked 4 songs to play, either a cover or original. then we plan on learning all of the songs and seeing what ones sound the best
1: How old are you? (Serious question, I'm not trying to pick on you)
2: Are you making money?
3: How long were they established before you joined?

If you're making money - suck it up. If you're under age 18ish (or maybe older, even) you'll see it as selling out. Once you have financial responsibilities - you'll see it as surviving. Living. The fact that they were established before you joined leaves you with very little bargaining room. They have a ton of seniority over you - after all, you joined their band, not the other way around.

It's something to think about. Cover bands aren't about "sticking to what's true" or "finding integrity in music" - they're about making money and trying to have fun in the process. If that's not for you, neither is the band.
well, coming from a guy whos been in a cover band before, you and your band cant pick the songs because even if they are split up evenly between bandmembers the crowd doesnt have much say about your setlist. go look up a list of popular songs from the genre you want to play to get you started and while you are playing pay attention to what the crowd is requesting and learn those songs.
Going off of what jdrier21 was kind of saying: I don't know how serious or established you guys are so this may not work for you, but there's a cover band here at my school and on thier site they have a section specifically for fans to request songs for them to learn. And I have seen them perform most of those requested songs...just a thought.
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stacy's mom
has got it going on
shes all i want
and ive waited so long

**** yeah.

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