Hey, Im buying a new guitar fairly soon (my second), ive looked around but I dont know what to get. I would like to play Nu-Metal, and Harder Rock music through it, Im getting a DigiTech Hardwire TL-2 Metal Distortion pedal fairly soon, so the fact that i can crank up the pre amp on my Marshall Class 5 wont be a problem for the genres i want to play.

My budget is anything under £350,
I would like a tremolo (dont mind what sort),
Any body shape, Im not to keen on strats but i could live with one, but as long as its not an sg, but I love Les Pauls and Ibanez Icemans.
Dont mind what colour, but i love gold tops
Dont mind what pickups/pickup configuration, as i could change the pickups.
I have no personal preferences on manufacturer so im easy, so long as it has a slim, fast neck.
I play through a Marshall Class 5 (as i mentioned before), and please stay in the price range, I am 15 and need to fund the guitar myself. And I live in the UK so Agiles are out of the question.
Thanks in advance.
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RG350 seems to be in your price range, the neck is really a love-it-or-hate-it type deal. The pups are ok, but nothing special, all in all I almost bought one when I got my talon, thought they were pretty nice.
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I've said it before, I'll say it again...

Go to your local shops and play everything under, in, and 15% over your budget. You will know YOUR guitar when you play it. It will feel better, sound better and play better than all the others. It will speak to you in only a way you will understand.

If its 15% over your budget, you should be able to negotiate them down into your range. And be willing to walk away.
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