... Play or has played a Behringer V-ampire LX210? My friends says he loved it but ive never played one one.. And also if you have is it good for harder metal?

Thanks for your help
No. No. No. I have played it and it was so horribly trebely. Ew.
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I general ... Stay away from Behringer guitar products. Their mixers is an other story, but seriously their Amps S U C K B A L L S . If you wanna start learning how to play electric, well okay - inexpensive way to get started. But their sound is wack.

If your friend tells you they are fine - considderr if it was April 1st
Okay so thats off the list then xD
He was taking lessons from someone -music major etc.- who had a real nice behringer stack and he said he loved it but i dont know.
Now i need to find an amp again i hate searching....
they aren't great amps...well I guess they would make an OK practice amp...but definitely aren't worth what they sell for...and yes they do make stacks
Couple years ago my local music store had a Behringer half stack on display. Since it was the only big amp in the store I tried it. Whoa! It was easily and by a great margin the worst amp
I've ever played.