Thanks for checking out my site! I really dig your track. As a composition I think it works perfectly. The only thing I would suggest is maybe EQ'n the tracks a bit to give em there seperate places and maybe adding a little compression. But that's just recording stuff..not song writing.

Sounds great, the guitar was alot clearer this time around, and fitted your vocals pertty well. But it needs like a click track or some kind of simple instrument other than guitar just to give it some rythem, cause I know you can build a great rythem off of that song, its just screaming awesome beat to me.

Thanks for the crit.
Thanks for taking the time to critique my music. :]

As for "Tennessee Lifestyle", it's a pretty solid track. I liked it.
At the end of the track, it seemed as though the song was gonna bust out a drum beat and fill in the song even more.
I really did enjoy it. Your voice is very smooth.
Nice work.....I liked it. Nice guitar arpeggios and vocals. As some of the others have said, it would sound great if you had a rhythm section under that....drums, bass.....maybe even some lead fills. This song has a lot of potential. It sounds good as an acoustic piece though........just a little empty.

Keep it up!
thx for the crit.

i can't critique on the music, because i just hate country so much. please don't take personal offense, its just a style uf music i really really dislike.

for the mixing: i think the vocals are a bit too mid-rangey, like you wanted to do a lo-fi kinda style, but haven't gone through with it, i think its either lowfi oder totally polished, now it sounds kinda in the middle.

playing was solid, singing too, the voice was a tad too loud, a bit reverb and volume on the guitar would help the mix greatly i think.

i hope you can use my critique

wish you the best
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Country isn't really my cup of tea, so I can't critique the songwriting as much as I'd like to be able to, but it's a pretty solid track. The guitar sounds a little low and thin, so perhaps you could find a way to beef it up a bit. The vocals are well done and fit in well with the song. I can't offer much more in the way of criticism other than that the song flows well and doesn't really get boring.