What are your general opinions of his term thus far. I feel like this recent announcement to deploy more troops to Afghanistan is pointless, he should either triple the amount he's sending or just pull them out entirely. Besides, the insurgents will surely KNOW our plan to keep troops there for 18 months, what's to stop them from just chilling for 18 months and THEN striking...

Also I will literally read one paper that will say that Obama has pulled us out of the recession a bit, and others will say he's plunged us deeper in, both with opposing facts, do you guys have any good sources for economic stats and data?
Obama thread #2 today (or is it #3?)
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Another Obama thread? ffs.

On topic, Obama has done nothing wrong, and has stuck to his policies. I have no idea whats with the hate.
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It's cause our presidents black...

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Already a very active and recent thread on this, no need for another one. And there's a politics thread where your questions will be answered better.
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It's cause our presidents black...

Barack Obama is half black, half white. His skin color, however, is brown. You are wrong on all counts.