Browsing around on youtube i found a series called Three Minute Philosophy. Its pretty entertaining and im amazed that he only has a small amount of views.

Check out some of these videos and tell me what you think

Now im not sure if this belongs in the religion and philosophy thread since its not exactly... factious? its pretty much a basic lesson on major philosophers of the world.

If this needs to be moved then tell me and il delete this thread.

EDIT: id also like to add im not trying to promote him, just asking what you think of his videos.
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That was interesting, informative for someone like me who doesn't know anything about anything, and entertaining to boot.

Although the "behind the scenes" bit kind of made the video lose it's appeal. Still good, though. Thanks for that!
Sounds like someones been watching Zero Punctuation...

EDIT: Too slow
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I just watched all of his Three Minute Philosophy videos, and I found them pretty cool; nice find, TS.
Very nice... I thought it was probably going to be some guy trying to push his views on everybody... but I found it to be very informative.
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