I need a new amp. I like to play lots of open chords. Right now i have an Epi Valve Junior with the matching 112 cab. It sounds nice, but it doesn't get very loud without breaking up and the chords resultantly sound pretty bad. it's also very bassy, but i wouldn't doubt this might be because of the stock speaker. anyways...

I want something that will sound good playing bright, open chords, but i don't want to lose that tube warmth. i've found that solid state amps tend to be too trebly and there's too much punch in those higher frequencies. i just want a nice, warm, bright sound that will keep all my open chords clean. keep in mind that i'm always playing with a drummer and would love to keep that clean tone while playing over the drums.

Also, can someone explain to me the difference between 112s, 212s, and 412s (besides the size and amout of speakers in the cabinet of course)? What are the pros and cons of each?

thank you guys so much
oh, shoot, i should have said something. I'd say somewhere between 300-500, i don't think i'd go much over.
Bugera V22/V55
Used Peavey Classic 30
Used Fender Blues Jr.

All nice amps, all in your price range. Though if you want the Bugera, I'd personally go for the V55, for $50 more you get a MUCH louder amp. Perfect for what you're looking to get.