Hi to everyone who feels that Death was the GREATEST band 'n Chuck was genious.

Some days ago I re-listened my favourite Death's albums: "Symbolic" and "Sound Of Perseverance" and...came up with some riff...I began compose stuff in Death-ish way, so - check it out! Maybe someone of you will give me some good advice of what need to be the next section or something...I'll finish this song. It'll be my little tribute to Chuck.

P.S. - I tried to learn the way Richard Christy plays, I think I can compose drum-tracks not as well as he does, but WTF - I'm not Christy

Crit this stuff, please!
C4C as always

P.P.S - R.I.P. Chuck
Reason For Existence.gp4
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Intro 1/2 - Awesome work, sounds really like death. Really memoreable riffs.

Main riff - Ok, it was fine, but at bae 24 I noticed something. F/Bb is coming twice in the end and I didn't like it, it sounded annoying for me. Sorry It's only a little thing and idn't ruin entire riff, but if you want to make it more memoreable instead of doing 9-10-10 do 9-10-9. I think it's better I don't know about you.

Verse 1 - By the way brilliant drum work. I loved that "main riff" took only 4 bars and not longer, really death-like.

Pre-Chorus - Didn't really like this part. However 31-32 were awesome.
Chorus riff was pretty deathish, but it wasn't very memoreable. I would like it more as break riff.

8½/10 this far, good work mate!

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1239829&highlight=song+of+the+siren
Thanx man! Hmm...my first idea 'bout bar 24 was to make 9-10-9, but I made 9-10-10 I'll keep writing this stuff, soon you'll be able to check out the whole entire song.
Just a quick crit here, kinda busy, so can't go into detail much

When I heard the first bar of the intro I couldn't help thinking of 'All Nightmare Long' from Metallica

but then it changed a bit and it went from Metallica to awesome

I love the drums in Intro 2
Nice to see the main riff only taking 4 bars before changing into the Verse, keeps things somewhat fresher than just repeating everything 2/4 times.
Not much too say about the Verse, sounds good, and I actually like the 9 - 10 - 10 at the end of bar 24/29, keeps away from making the melody repetitive, since it would sound more like the end of bar 22/26 like it does now

Pre-Chorus sounds good, I like the bass

The Chorus to me doesn't really sound like a Chorus but more like something that could be used as another Verse or a Break like xbitmetal mentioned, though I'd still add vocals to it, and not just leave it instrumental

Nice piece, I'd like to hear the final product
Thanx, I'm keeping writing it now...

P.S. - added Chorus part and bridge...check it!

P.P.S. - *keep writing*
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Didn't really like chorus, but it's bassline were groovy. Break riff was very deathish and fast. Keep it that way, you are rebirthing death!
Intro - I liked it. It has a very creepy Death-ish feel to it.

Main Riff - This is a great part but you use the "TOM" combo WAY to much and it gets annoying. On the note of drums, in some parts the song, the drums sound a little off to me and some times they just don't fit. Example, Bar 20, 22, 23, 24, and so on. The drums seem to be the weakest points in your song.

I give your song about a 7.5/10 because the drumming but if the drums was great, I would of gave it a solid 8.5/10.
Intro (both) and Main Riff really do sound like Death. Pre-Chorus was too dissonant IMO, but whatever floats your boat. Chorus reminded me of Empty Words' chorus, but not as good, sorry. Bridge reminded me a lot of Spirit Crusher. Outro was really great, best part in the song. Nice, but not finished.
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