Well like EVH did with his guitar and cut off part of his pickguard and tilted the pickups, do you think that was a good idea? Mainly because i want to do that? think i should? shouldn't? and why?
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worked for him...

and its fun building a replica of the guitar...although it may be overdone a bit...I'm a fan

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you just aren't a guitarist if you haven't attempted this to one degree or another.

mine was green.
I'm building one and yes its a good idea to tilt the pickup
I'm up for building you a pedal.
(Or modding nearly anything moddable)
(PM Me.)
Do you even understand why he tilted the pickup? Humbuckers back then were only spaced for TOM bridges, and of course he had a Strat bridge so he tilted it to align the pole pieces. Some of the things he did was to benefit him and his playing, no one else. He didn't care at the time how it looked and he didn't want people to copy his guitars. That's one of the reasons why Kramer never came out with an EVH signature guitar. The closest was the Baretta which Eddie collaborated on but it wasn't his sig.
If you wanna make a Frankie replica, do it man. They're fun just do your research and don't cheap out on the parts. If you're gonna go it and put all that effort into it then do it right.
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