i was thinkin of getting my second guitar, my current is a les paul know-off. i was thinkin about getting the esp ltd mh-50 with the tremolo because i kind of want one. If i get a professional to change the bridge pickup, put .11s, set up the guitar neck and low action, and set up the tremolo, do you think it would stay in tune or is the guitar just not to good overall.

I have other choices already if these isn't a good one.
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It'll be fine. but i see ur putting 11s on.

but what reason?
higher tension?,
do u tune deeper?
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Jacksons stay in tune perfectly, or anything with a Floyd Rose system.
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What's your price range? I nearly bought an ESP MH-250 for $470, but fell in love with a Schecter Hellraiser instead.
I put 11's on it because i detune to Drop C. I need the tension. But it's ok, i'll probably won't get this guiatr.

I think i'll just stick to a fixed bridge Jackson or Ibanez.
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