I'm looking for a new guitar that I could get some good single-coil-y cleans out of (whether they're from actual single coils or coil splits), and I've tried the C-1 semihollow and the Highway 1 and they both seem great. I'd be interested in swapping the bridge pickup in either to get some heavier sounds too.

Also, what are some other similar guitars in that price range ($700 or less)? My one big restriction here is that I don't want something with the type of neck that attracts assloads of grime like a lot of Gibson/Epiphone necks.
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Highway One. all the way mate

When you coil split it isnt a complete single coil tone.
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Maybe a tele?

I definitely want a bridge humbucker and I don't have the money to have a tech mod a Tele to put one in. Unless there's a HSS Tele in my price range, but I can't find one.
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**** you, i live in uruguay.
Bro I just got done with a tasty jam session on my highway one hss. Its phenomenal and I highly recommend it. I only play blues and jam band stuff, but it seems like its able to handle all genres well. Overall its a well built guitar and when its in your hands you really feel the groove and are inspired to wail. You'll dig it. Trust me
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The Schecter is actually a C-1 Semihollow, which is apparently a pretty rare, discontinued guitar. Feels great to play but the sound is nothing special, though according to reviews that could be attributed to the pickups. Any other suggestions?
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**** you, i live in uruguay.
When it comes to heavy distortion, I'm thinking like Tool at the heaviest. Which is pretty heavy, but not uberdeathcorebrootalz.
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**** you, i live in uruguay.