Well I need something to record audio/video as was looking and saw a nice kodak for 110 that comes with a tripod it is 14mp linky and was wondering was there anything better and what should my settings be?
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What do you plan on doing with this camera? Recording yourself playing electric guitar, acoustic guitar, a full band, a porno? I have a flip video and it's pretty gnarly. I only paid 20 bucks because it was an out of the box restock at Sears.
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I bought a SAMSUNG SL502 at Walmart for $99 - It does 640 X 480 Video too and the Pictures are amazing. Comes with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, cables, 2-gig card and a case - I'm in love with this sucker. Had a KODAK on order but cancelled it when they put these on sale - it's got so many features I'll never figure them all out!
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Kodak just came out with the new Zi8 and it does still images as well as 1280p HD video. You'll need to buy a HC SD card though but it's quite a camera for the price. I've seen it between $120 and 150 in stores online.

If the on board mic isnt good enough the best part is it has a 1/8" mini jack audio input so you could feed something like the Beachtek boxes to plug in XLR mics.
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